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Thursday, 3 March 2016


I like to think that I don't watch a lot of television, and when I do I like to think that I am quite selective.   I like to think that I watch Rugby, especially the internationals, good quality British Drama and and the odd film.  However a quick look at the programs I record shows that I am turning into a bit of a fan of TV Detectives.

There are a lot of dangerous places in comfortable areas of England. Oxford, Kembleford, and now Grantchester all seem to be rivaling Midsomer as the most dangerous place in the UK.   Although unlike the others Oxford is a city, but it seems as though most of the murders there are amongst the august spires of the university, either way the shear propensity for murder amongst these lovely rural or suburban settings is more than a little worrying.

Easy on the eye
These settings are of course chosen to be easy on the eye, and to offer a contrast with the gruesomeness of the 'orrible murder!

All joking aside I find myself attracted to the rather rarefied tone of these dramas, the classic cars, the classy tones of the central characters, and of course the twists and turns of the plotting.   What I don't understand is the body count.   Why do they feel that in order for a good mystery in need of a solution there needs to be a body, or often several bodies.   It is now many years since I read any of G K Chesterton's Father Brown stories but I do not remember many deaths, yet in the TV series they have at least one a week. In a small Cotswold Village, with an ancient Roman Catholic Church, no Anglican Vicar, and Lady of the Manor who's husband never seems to be at home.   I am quite happy to suspend disbelieve, but please, they could at least make an effort!
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