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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Long and the Short of it

It has been mentioned by a few of my friends that I like short skirts, I hasten to say that this is not said in any bad way, there may be a little jealousy but no antipathy.   Having had a look through my wardrobe, and the photos I tend to post here it has to be said that the accusation is not without substance.   I could simply invoke Stana's excuse and plead that "It's not my skirt that's not too short, it's my legs that are too long"

Ever since I first started dressing and going out properly I have been aware that my legs are one of my better features, I also remember my Father saying that the girls with the biggest noses wore the shortest skirts, so maybe there is a subconscious thought that if people are looking at my legs they are not paying so much attention to my face. Whatever, I think I look pretty good when I "get my legs out".   However do I have to point out that I am not always in a mini skirt.   Just like real people, most of the time I will be found in jeans and a sweater or tee shirt.   I do also have a few much longer dresses and skirts which I do wear and some that indeed I quite love.

What I don't have, and indeed don't like are the ones in between, those hemlines that seem to dangle somewhere around the knee being neither one thing nor the other.   Maybe it is a factor of my height (at 5 10 I'm not outrageously tall but I'm certainly not short!) but I want my hemlines to be positively above, or below my knees, and it just seems that there are more that I like that fall above the knee than below.

I wrote the other day about the dress code for a concert I have coming up, I will be playing tuba so need to either wear trousers or a long full skirt, and try and get the Green, Purple, and White thing going as well, I now have a long, full purple skirt, and am hoping to find a green blouse to team it with, but do Green and Purple really go together?
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