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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Advent Calender XXI

No sooner have I written about the Christmas colour should green rather than red, than I turn on the radio and hear a discussion on BBC's Woman's Hour about how we should be putting away our Little Black Dresses, and taking up a Little Green Dress!  Listening to this it dawned on me that although I have an absolute plethora of LBDs I rarely wear them other than for concerts.   I also find that I only actually have two green dresses, one of which might be better described as a gown.

All this does make me reappraise my thoughts on what I might be wearing over the festive period.    I need to arrange outfits suitable for dinner on Wednesday night, midnight communion at Westminster Cathedral, Christmas lunch with friends and then I can start to worry about the New Year when I get home.

I worry slightly that I may have turned into "one of those women" as I look at the thirty plus dresses in my wardrobe and exclaim "But I have NOTHING to wear!"

On a different note I see that this blog has now passed 300,000 page views. I am reminded that when I started writing this, I would often sign off this way, If you have been, Thank You for reading.
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