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Paula's Place

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Advent Calendar XX

Only five days to go!!

It has just dawned on me that pretty almost all of the Betty pictures I have put up seem to show her wearing red.   I'm not sure why red has become the accepted colour of Christmas garp, I thought it might be something else I could lay the blame on Clement Moore for, but a quick check on the text shows that it's not his fault! My understanding is that until the last century green was much more of a seasonal colour, we would bring bows of holly and cuttings of trees into our homes as decorations (probably part of the veneration of forest Gods).   The seasonal personifications would be represented as wearing green, possibly as a representation of the anticipated re-birth once we had got past the solstice.

Tonight I was playing at the Carol Service at my New Church, and being a bit of a traditionalist I wore Green, but I wonder when I go to my friends for Christmas lunch should I wear red?

These are old photos, I still haven't got myself organised enough in my new flat to be able to take any pictures here, which is a little worrying since the Vicar asked himself over for a coffee after Christmas.   Maybe I should worry a little less about what I wear and a bit more about how I'm living!

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