Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Advent Calendar XXII

I have been good! Today I have made progress, as well as actually doing some work, I have now brought all of my furniture home, while I still have a few boxes, mostly of books, in storage and a few here waiting to be unpacked, I feel as though that is a major step forward.   It also leaves me all too aware that I either need to get rid of more stuff, or acquire some more bookcases!

I will now be madly cleaning and tidying up the flat as this evening I will be having my first visitor. A good friend who now lives in Cornwall will be dropping by while she is in London for a few days.   I know that how ever hard I work the place will l be a long way short of presentable, I simply haven't managed to decide how the flat will best work for me, and there are lots of things still waiting for homes to be found, but at least I can give the floor a sweep. and put my dirty washing in the basket.

I have made some progress towards organising my gift buying, I have managed to purchase about half of the gifts I want to get, the trouble is that leaves the ones where I don't know what to get, or I can't afford what I do want toget.
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