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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Advent Calendar XIV

All the recent furores over the lamentable spoutings of Tyson Fury, made me reflect that just because somebody is good at hitting other people it does not make them an intelligent nice person.   Indeed my first thought on hearing of his, misogynist, homophobic comments was pretty much "Well what would you expect from a boxer"

But there was a time when boxers were fine sportsmen, and indeed fine men. Men of faith and principle, and damn fine boxers as well. I'm thinking of George Foreman and Muhammad Ally,   Intelligent articulate men, who were more than mere punching machines.  I saw this on my friend Joey's Blog today, and couldn't help but think of the contrast between two world champions.

I know that Betty is easier on the eye than either of these two, but this is meant to be the season of good will towards all men, maybe a good way to start showing that good will would be to seek to understand them, their faith, and their motivations rather than be fearful of their differences.
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