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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Advent Calendar XV

I've had quite a weekend! I have played in a first performance of my new Christmas Suite, Played Carols with over 40 other tuba players on teh steps of St Paul's and Concert with the LGSO which included two, yes two Tuba Solos.

We played the Ravel Orchestration of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, on movement, Bydlo, or The Ox Cart is basically a Tuba Solo,  The only problem is that it is too high to play on a modern bass tuba.   The usual practise is for the second trombone player to play the solo in a euphonium, but it transpires that none of the trombone players at this concert play the euphonium in concert pitch. So it was left to me to put it in on Euphonium, having to make a quick change between instruments. I enjoyed playing Baba Yaga much more!

We also had our annual TransPALS Christmas dinner, we had great fun, cemented so old friendships and reinforced some new ones. ~ and thank you to all of you who voted, I followed the popular choice and wore the little black dress, but looking at all these Betty Christmas pictures I think I need to get myself something red and glittery!
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