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Paula's Place

Monday, 14 December 2015

Advent Calendar XIII

Well we are now over half way through the Advent Calendar, I have played in several Christmas concerts, yet somehow I just don't feel like it's nearly Christmas. Maybe it's the weather which is unseasonably mild, maybe it's the lack of decorations in my flat, (I still haven't unpacked all the boxes so definitely no decorations), maybe it's being on my own, or not having much in the way of work colleagues.

However it does make me wonder what we actually mean when we talk about "feeling like Christmas", I like to think that I am full of good will most of the year, it's not special to a couple of weeks in December. I am happy to join my friends in a glass of good cheer at any time, we don't need to be wearing silly hats or jumpers.   I think in my case it is the feeling of anticipation, of looking forward.   The season of Advent is all about looking forward, looking forward to Christmas, our annual celebration of the birth of Christ. Maybe my anticipation isn't as eager this year as I'm not so involved in my Church's preparations.

However I am looking forward to Christmas, because that's when everything starts to get better!
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