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Saturday, 3 October 2015

A bit of Excitment

I was going to write a post about the Gun Culture in America, my perplexity that these things can continue to happen in an otherwise apparently civilised Country.   Surely the basic human right to life is more important than any right to carry arms. I simply cannot understand what is going on, and frankly I never want to understand the workings of a mind that thinks it is OK for anyone to be able to have assault weapons.   I was going to write all this and a lot more, but frankly there are so many more eloquent and powerful voices who are struggling with this that I see little point in my humble observations.

Instead I am going to make a, possibly introverted, observation on my own transition.

When I considered myself a Crossdresser any excursions I made were very exciting, I would worry about all sorts of things ~ most of which never happened, and the ones that did weren't as bad as I feared, yet I loved doing it. I loved the feeling of otherness, I will admit I rather liked the attention I would sometimes get. I enjoyed the sound of my heels on the floor, I enjoyed the feeling of the air on my legs, I enjoyed the swish of a skirt.   I still be able to enjoy all these things; yet they are a little more commonplace now.   I am out and about a lot and generally now just blend into the scenery.  The thrill is missing, without the fear, without the extraordinariness, without the naughtyness, the excitement has gone, to be replaced with comfort, ease, and acceptance.

Don't get me wrong, I would not go back! I am comfortable with the person I am becoming, I feel as though I have retained most of my good points, but added a few more, now I am being honest with myself and others I have more integrity, I suspect that this shows.

Having said that the other day I did feel in need of a little naughtyness, and went out to do a little shopping dressed to attract attention!  Both the hem of my skirt and the heels of my boots were high, I knew I was attracting attention I am I liked it!   I had some complimentary remarks from a few people, and even a couple of approaches from men.   I am not seeking any sort of relationship (or indeed physical encounter) but it was nice to dress up attract a bit of attention , and be noticed.

I will not be making a habit of this, but every now and then it is fun to "Strut your Stuff"
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