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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Life's too short......

I was tagged with this picture on Facebook earlier today, and off course I have to agree with the sentiment, it also got me thinking, we often hear people saying life is too short I thought I might compile a short list and decide which one I would embrace.

I thought about life is too short to drink bad whisky, but rejected that as although I do like the occasional whisky it is not my default drink.

Life is too short to for ugly underwear - certainly I will adopt and hold to this one.

But I think more to the point life is too short to go through it alone.   A friend recently died, she had been quite active in the trans world and had a few friends within the community.   Naturally her partner was devastated, and will be leaning heavily on her friends within the community.

Whenever we hear of a death we are reminded of our own mortality, especially as in this case she was very little older than me, It also makes us think about our own friends and family.   I am fortunate that I have several groups of friends, I have my trans friends, my music friends, my Church and my family.   I think it is important not to allow ourselves to get in to a ghetto of  a single interest group, we need our social groups, friends and family with different interests and experiences.   They will help us to grow, support us when we need it, and love us what ever happens.
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