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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Playing Dress Up

I always used think that I enjoyed "Playing Dress Up" because I was a cross dresser.  The fun of slipping into something a little less comfortable, the thrill of then seeing myself looking all glamorous in the mirror; all this was great but tempered by simultaneous sense of guilt about being a bloke who enjoyed wearing dresses ~ and the more glam the dress the better.

By popular demand
When I could suppress the feelings of guilt and self loathing sufficiently then I would make sure that it wasn't just a dress, but some skimpy undies, stockings and heels.  I suspect that the inappropriateness of some of my fashion selections may have added to the feelings of incongruity as well as the thrill.   I suspect that these are sentiments that most cross dressers can identify with, I also suspect that many trans women (whatever their stage of transition) will remember, and maybe still occasionally embrace.

However I am now developing a suspicion that it is not just trans women who enjoy dressing up, being glamorous, and indeed grabbing so attention.  It seems that nearly all women enjoy a bit of glamour, a bit of attention, and indeed a nice frock!   Prompted by my last post a couple of friends have said that they like to go out and frighten the horses occasionally as well, others have told me that they have the inappropriate items of clothing, but don't wear them out, out of a fear of embarrassing themselves.

Fear stops us doing so many things, for decades it stopped me exploring who I really am, It stops people breaking free of constricting situations and going out and doing what they want. It stops musicians fully using their talents. It stops people changing career when they are fed up.

However it also stops us walking through a park on our own at night, it stops us riding our motorbikes too fast, or walking along the edge of high cliffs, Sometimes fear stops us living, but at other times it keeps us alive.

I wasn't going to post any photos of my "High heels and hemline" outfit from the other day, because I was afraid, afraid that you might think me a bit of a tart, but by popular demand I am side stepping that fear, and here they are.
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