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Paula's Place

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Times they are a' Changing

As I mentioned, yesterday was my Birthday.   Despite the rain keeping me at home for most of the day I still managed to have nice relaxing time.   I was thoroughly self indulgent having a couple of my favorite (easy to prepare) meals, spending a little time going through my wardrobe trying out a couple of outfits I had been thinking about ~ different combinations, what can I wear with those boots? or that skirt? and even making a little (slow) progress towards my move.

I received two cards, one from my good friend and colleague the other from my elder Brother. I was particularly pleased to see the one from my brother, as it carried the wonderful word "Sister" on the front.

Only getting two cards did not make me feel unloved or neglected, since I received over 60 birthday greetings electronically! Friends I see regularly, family members I rarely get to see, friends I have yet to meet, and even one conductor I haven't played with for several years.

I may not have the row of cards to show off across the top of my desk (no mantle piece) but I did feel loved, ~ and lets face it that's the important thing.
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