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Monday, 21 September 2015

May you live in interesting times

I am told that this is an old Chinese curse, and I can certainly understand the thought behind that; whatever the truth and the full meaning of the phrase, I certainly seem to be living an interesting time at the moment.

It looks as though I will finally be moving, we have managed to get all round agreement, and I am praying that God will make the decisions I have made the right ones, so it looks as though it could just be a matter of days before it all happens.   The reality of it all is now making me feel very nervous about the change, I know it has to happen and that I should be able to live a fuller life once it is all sorted out, but I can't help being a bit nervous, and bit frightened as I move away from the security of my home of the last 17 years.   I still have a lot to do, a lot of stuff to get rid of and a lot of stuff to pack up, some to move, some to put into storage. I also still need to find a garage for my tools and parking for my van. A lot to sort out in what may well turn out to be only a week.

Yet with all that I decided that I would have a busy weekend, with lots of stuff planned and I would simply choose not to worry.

So on Saturday I met lots of interesting new people at a Breakfast meeting in the Festival Hall about WOmen working in Classical Music ~ interestingly only one man in attendance. A quick visit to a conducting seminar, and then a dash across town into the City for a meeting of Two:23

Two:23 is a network of Christians connected by LGBT issues, this was the first meeting I have attended, and it won't be the last. They are a very friendly and diverse bunch, we had some very good worship and an excellent and challenging talk from Canon Mark Oakley on the subject of honesty, something I feel the Church could do with a good dose of!
Sunny Eastbourne,
the view from the other side of the bandstand, curtsey of Viv Edwards

Then on Sunday I was playing with the All Saints Concert Band at Eastbourne, a few of us made a day of it, caught an earlier train, browsed some charity shops and had a fish & chip lunch before the Gig. A nice sunny day, good friends, and some music, what more could any girl want? ~ Oh yes, beer! that came after we played.

After that I really had no choice other than to get on with some packing.   It looks like this is going to be a very strange interesting week.
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