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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Questions, Questions, Questions

I had a wonderful time last night! I went out with my daughter, which is always good, we saw a play and had dinner.   I am going to take on board my friend Joey's advise and not write a lengthy review of the play, suffice it to say that if you get a chance to see "The Origin of Species" by Tangram Theatre grab it, see it and you will enjoy. Slightly manic, brilliant songs with corny rhymes and some puns so bad they are good.

It was nice to be able to share the experience with my daughter, since the theatre is above a Croydon Pub, this was a first when I could take her into a pub and buy her a drink (without a meal), afterwards we just went round the corner to a Wagamama's for dinner which I think we must have spent a couple of hours over just talking.   I know all parents think their children are special, but I am so proud that my daughter is growing up to be an independent person, questioning the status quo, championing the oppressed, and making up her own mind rather than accepting establishment opinions.

Of course what pleases me most is that she accepts me. I am sure that this cannot have been easy, and it is only very recently that I have been going out with authentically.   So far she has refused to be embarrassed by me, and rather has made it clear that I have her support.

We did have one slightly odd encounter, I popped into a Sainsbury's local to get some change for the parking, After giving me my change the cashier paused looked at me and asked "are they real?" he asked with a smile and friendly manner so I said yes accepted his good wishes and left it at that.  Since he was looking slightly below my eyes I assumed that he wasn't referring to them! I also suspect that he meant something slightly different by the term real! but they are certainly not a figment of anyone's imagination.

My daughter was flabbergasted by the idea that anyone could feel entitled to ask a question like that of a stranger, yet somehow people feel that it is OK to ask trans people questions that they would never consider it decent to ask anyone else.   I'm not sure where I draw the line, indeed I think the line moves according to my mood; but, as a general principle I try to remember that when I am out I am an ambassador, I will try to be friendly, and informative and establish that we are normal people, just with this one issue. ~ I also find it hard not to try to be funny.
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