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Paula's Place

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hair today!

I know that some of my posts have been a bit introverted and even bleak recently, I'm sorry to say that this has been a reflection on my state of mind.   Bad weather, lack of funds, moving home and a few other things have combined to bring me down. I'm quite sure that I could handle any one thing but the combination of all of them was a little too much for me.

Having said all that I have decided to put my trust in God and get on with life. I have had a some good, fun gigs and a few nice days to get on with some proper gardening, suddenly everything seems a lot better.   I have also done what lots of girls do when they get down, I've had my hair done!

I have been wondering what to do with my hair for a while, it was getting a bit shaggy and strangely ~ shaggely? Something had to be done, but I couldn't decide what, so yesterday I went to the hairdressers with a couple of ideas, but looking for solutions.  One of my ideas was to have a Bob, it seems easy to maintain, feminine, and I thought it might just suit me. And, a Bob is what we went for.

I like it! I like the way it looks, I like the way it makes me feel, I like the way it feels (I can feel my hair bouncing as I move) and I have had a couple of nice comments. best of all it only cost me £15 as I used a Rush Academy! OK it did take all morning, but it was a fun experience and I do like the results; so did the trainer, he tweeted the back of my head on the Rush twitter account!

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