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Monday, 14 September 2015

A New Era?

Social media has gone mad! well I'm sure that's what the tabloids would say abou the reaction to our Labour Party electing Jeremy Corbin as our new leader.   I have seen messages from friends despairing of the future, convinced that we have voted for another 10 years of tory miss rule and Scottish independence.  I have seen other equally convinced that this is the start of a new era of politics.

Personally I am hopeful, if this many people can be mobilised to vote for a new leader then there maybe a chance that we get people to vote for labour at the next election as well.

It does make an interesting contrast, our current Prime Minister has stated that he will not be standing at the next election, so potentially the only major party that will have the same leader at the next election as the last will be the Scottish Nationalists ~ and they can hardly stand in all the constituencies!

It maybe just as well that David Cameron has said that he won't be standing after his comments about Yorkshire. I don't know which is worst that he said that they were hate filled or that it was alright since the greatest living Yorkshiremen had forgiven him ~ Geoffrey Boycott and Dicky Bird. SO people from Yorkshire hate everybody but it's OK because they are good at Cricket! If you think I'm over reacting, replace Yorkshire with West Indies!

I started writing this on SAturday morning, but ran out of time, and struggled to find a picture to illustrate it. ~ Thanks go to the Lad's Bible for this one!
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