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Paula's Place

Friday, 17 July 2015

Living on the Edge

In so may ways I live in the border lands, that may not be how many of you will think of suburban South East England, but just up the road from me five London Borough coincide. Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Bromley and Croydon all meet at the Crystal Palace, closer still I am a matter yards from the border between Croydon and Bromley; Surrey and Kent, and the dioceses of Rochester and Southwark.  

Of course on a much more personal level I am still living in the gender border lands.   While I am now living my life fully female I have yet to start any medical treatment, there are times when it feels incongruous, but pretty rarely. I am aware that I still project a fairly masculine image, my shoulders, chin and ~ God help me ~ a five O'Clock shadow do not help with my presentation; on the other hand I do my best to dress well, but, mostly, not too conspicuously.

I am now in the odd situation of living on the edge, of moving.   We have accepted and offer on our house, and I have had an offer accepted on a flat (apartment fro  my friends over the pond).  I am still living here, trying to divest myself of "stuff" that I do not need, while thinking about how I am going decorate and update my new place.

At the moment it feels insecure and just a bit scary, but I am trying to think of it as a fresh start, a opportunity to start again, a fresh beginning where nobody will know "him" and I can just get on with being me.
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