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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Concert Dress X

The other day I mentioned a concert I had coming up, a concert where we were asked to wear formal gowns in a single colour, for some of us this helped make it something of a special event.  Like many other ladies I love the opportunity to dress up and "strut my stuff", it's nice to be able to get out the outrageous shoes and the dramatic dress and know that you will not stand out for the wrong reasons as others will be doing the same.   For others it can cause quite a bit of anguish. for those whose body shape does not fit the image, playing position does not lend itself to glamour, have changed body shape so favorite dresses don't fit, or just can't afford something new this can be a real challenge. Having said all that I was very impressed how the ladies of the All Saints Concert Band embraced the idea and showed some great style and glamour. ~ Next someone will what to shoot a calendar!

It was nice to get away from the increasingly predictable all black, it was also nice to find a reason to wear a dress that has been hanging in my wardrobe for something like 18 months.   At some point last year I found this dress in a charity shop, decided that I would try  it on ~ just for a bit of fun ~ and it actually worked.   Since then I have not had any occassion to wear anything this glamorous so it was nice to finally get some wear out of it.

Of course I also had to work out what accessories to wear, after deciding on some gold coloured killer heel sandals I then had to match the rest of my accessories to my shoes, which meant picking up some new gold coloured sparklies and a new clutch bag.   I suspect that I have now spent more on the accessories than on the dress, so it would be really nice to have another opportunity to wear it.   Of course if we do the same for this concert next year I will have to buy another new dress ~ I couldn't possibly wear the same thing two times running!
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