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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Unexpected meetings

After going a little off piste on my last post, today I am back on to a more obviously trans matter.   That having been said this blog is about me, all of me, all of my interests and mental meanderings.   there is a large part of me that would be rather disappointed to find that Paula's Place was considered to be a purely trans blog, you get everything that crosses my mind, music; gardening; cars;cartoons and all the other things that come together and add up to Paula.

But getting back to my sheep, this evening I had a rehearsal with the All Saints Concert Band as we prepared for Saturday's Gala concert.   This is an unusual concert for this band as it is raising money for the band rather than supporting somebody else's cause.   It is also a bit different as there will be a buffet dinner served during the interval; ~ and possibly more important for some of us (well me anyway) the dress code is different, for this concert ladies are required to wear formal full length gowns in a single colour.   I have my dress ready I am just trying to make some final decisions about accessories, recently I have found that I am worrying less about what I wear for most of my concerts, maybe I'm getting a little more confident in my choices, or maybe I'm just growing up at last.

Afterwards we popped up to my favorite pub, the Grape and Grain as the Big Beer Band were giving their annual film music concert.   This is something of a local highlight and great fun.   What was even more fun was meeting some old friends who I had no idea would be there.  In all I met up with four people I had no expectation of meeting, including one who I thought was in Singapore!  I had a very nive evening but was very rude and rather abandoned the nice people I had gone with, still I will see plenty of them on Saturday at our concert.

What was extra nice was that two of these guys had not met Paula before and both were very grown up, very kind and very supportive.

Sometimes the world is good
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