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Friday, 3 April 2015


Assuming that everything goes to plan and I have harnessed the technology correctly, then by the time you can read this I will either be in Cardiff, or on the M4 on my way there.   While the rest of the world enjoys a nice relaxing long weekend, or makes the most of the extra time available to be part of the year's busiest gardening weekend. I shall be spending way too much time watching at tarmac go past.   In n way do I resent the time I spend with my Mother, indeed I would like to see more of her, it's the journey I resent.

Of the many marvellous road journeys we have in Great Britain I would suggest that London to Cardiff is not one of them.   When my Brother first moved there way back in the dark ages the Motorway only got as far as the bridge and after that it was A roads.   Once the drive across London got me onto the M4 (no M25 in those days) it was quite a pleasant journey.   Although rarely deserted the road was never busy, the Severn Bridge was an engineering prodigy and once crossed the A48 was a fun drive. One feature now long gone ut which I remember with affection was the Mole Grips factory at the side of the road had a big board which read "Mr Mole Says......" The slogan was often fun and it also told me that I was nearly in Cardiff.

Like Cardiff itself the journey has changed a lot, the big difference is that Cardiff has improved enormously, it is now a major political, cultural and business centre.   The old docks have been developed into a modern leisure and business center and the whole city has a strong pulse.   The BBC uses Cardiff as a production center and it is the home of Dr Who.

The journey on the other hand has just turned into a chore.   There is always too much traffic, what ever time of any day I travel.   The worst time is Sunday evening when the road is full of cars all trying to travel 5 mph faster than the car in front, which ever direction I am travelling I arrive feeling drained ad in need of a stiff drink.   I inflict this on myself today as I am was committed to playing this morning, and then again on Sunday morning, so my only real chance of seeing Mum is Friday afternoon / Saturday.

Lets hope that Saturday will find everybody in their Garden and the M4 will be nice a quiet. SOME HOPE!
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