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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dating and the middle aged woman

These days more and more people are becoming single in their middle years.   Whether it's through separation, divorce or being widowed these newly single people no longer seem to be content to stay as singles.   I have no statistics to back up this assertion, it's just my observation as see people getting together, or at least trying to.

One of my friends is particularly good at this whole dating thing, even though no longer in the first flush of youth she is a very attractive lady, whose bubbly disposition has come back to the fore since her husband abandoned her for a younger model (incidentally as so often happens the new model broke down, they're just not as reliable as the classics).   She has signed up to an on-line dating site and has had lots of response, some good some bad.   She flirts like a teenager (or probably better having more experience) has had a few dates and started a couple of relationships.   She is having such fun that she has been encouraging me to join in.

I have registered on a couple of "specialist" sites as the the others seem to have a very limited selection of genders to tick.   I have had several approaches, and indeed a couple of dates.   So far I have to say that I have had absolutely no success whatsoever.   I don't know whether it is that the admirers who use these sites are all creeps or whether it is just the ones I attract.

I also find that I have no idea how to flirt! Maybe this is another one of those things that I needed to learn and missed out on as a teenager, I am simply too business like.

However having said all of this I can't say I'm too bothered, there are more important things going on in my life at the moment, and as I frequently remind myself and others I am still married.
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