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Paula's Place

Thursday, 2 April 2015


My appointment with the GID yesterday, went well.  This was just an initial assessment and so was mostly just them getting some details and background about me.   I did my best to answer all the questions honestly, even the one that most people lie about, the "How much do you drink?" question, this probably leads to as many lies as "Will you still respect me in the morning?", one of my friends who is a GP defines an alcoholic as someone who drinks more than their Doctor.

Rather than this I used the old Reginald Perrin answer, "Do you drink?" "Only to excess", the Doc was not amused! when I actually worked out how much I do drink and told him I realised that it was too much, and rest assured that he was not shy of telling me that as well.   I have been aware for some time that I should cut down but have now been told in no uncertain terms that if I want them to treat me then I need to show that I am making the effort and am reducing my alcohol intake.

Of course they also wanted some blood tests, I couldn't believe how many vials of blood they took, I am used to up to maybe two or three, but they just kept filling them up. Bottle after Bottle. I think they took very nearly an armful!  I lost so much blood that when I got home I felt as though I needed a drink!

Now I have to go and get my recycling sorted out, shameful though the admission is I have filled my recycling box up and don't have room for all the bottles, and so will have to take some over to the bottle bank.   I would like to point out though, that I did miss last weeks collection so it is actually at least three weeks worth of recycling I have now.
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