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Thursday, 2 April 2015


So April has come around once again (as it does) and the only April Fools thing I have heard or come across so far is this from Battersea Dogs Home . I enjoyed this, but it was not the highlight of my day.

On Monday I had a phone call from Charing Cross Hospital, it was the Gender Identity Clinic asking if I wanted to take advantage of an appointment that had become clear? could I get there for 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday? WOULD I? COULD I? to me these came under the general heading of stupid question, I have been waiting for around 16 months since I first visited my GP. I have been looking back through m old diaries trying to find when I first went to my GP for some help , and can't find the date, but I do know that the first appointment I had as a consequence of that was on the 22nd January 2014

I have now walked through that door, today I had my first appointment with the GID Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.   This first appointment is very much about  assessment and I wasn't expecting any treatment to be forthcoming, I wasn't disappointed.   I now have to wait till August for my next appointment (unless of course I pick up another cancellation!).

I really feel as though things are now beginning to move again, I have started the name change process, I have had my first visit to the GID, and very soon I should be getting some financial relief as well.

In the mean time, because my life is so boring, I have once again taken up the A - Z Blogging Blogging challenge.  Each day during April (apart from Sundays) I will be posting something with e subject matter relating to consecutive letters of the Alphabet.
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