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Monday, 9 March 2015

Young, Gifted and Female!

As a musician I have done, or been part of some pretty amazing things.   I worked at Expo 92 one of the greatest shows on earth, I played at the first every Festival of Music for Schools, I have been part of bands and orchestras with some pretty special people.   I have played in at least six different Countries, I have played in Liverpool Cathedral, the Liverpool Philharmonic, the Manchester Bridgewater, the Fairfield and several other halls.   I have been part of Prom Praise at the Royal Albert Hall.

I have used music to worship God, to entertain, to educate and to bring back memories to the very old, I have always worked on the theory that I have been given a gift that is to be shared. Not a great gift, but none the less not one that is simply for me.

It is gratifying that even after all this and nearly fifty years of performing I can still have new, interesting, and exciting experiences.   This last weekend definitely falls into that area.   I think even just one year ago I would not have been able to do what I have, indeed a year ago I would not have been convinced that I qualified!

At one point last night Sandi Toksvig asked how many of us had played in the Orchestra in previous years, I couldn't put up my hand for that one, and if asked would I have owned up that just one year ago I still wasn't sure that I was even a woman.   Yet this year it was so affirming, so encouraging, so much fun, to spend most of my weekend making music with women.

I will be coming back to this with some more details of the weekend, but for now I just want to say what privilege it was to be part of such a talented, technically fine, and young orchestra.
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