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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

This and That, Weekend observations

Interesting things that struck me over the weekend ~

Woman's Hour staff asking me what single piece of advice I would give my Daughter? My reply was to tell her to follow her dream, I think that we don't just need to encourage our children, we need to give them permission to be themselves, ~ who knows, if I had been given permission to be myself "back in the day"

Quite a lot of men at Women Of the World, Feminism is not because we are women, not because we have daughters, or mothers, it's because we're human.   What I saw over this weekend confirmed me in my opinion that the men haters have got it wrong, feminism is about changing society so that everybody can follow heir dream, and not be treated any differently because of Gender, Gender Identification, Race, colour, sexuality, disability, age or anything else I haven't even thought of yet, not about contesting with men.

I heard what I thought were my own words quoted back at me "Life is too short for ugly underwear" now I'm wondering if I heard it somewhere, and who said it first.

No one I spent any time with alluded to the fact that I may not have always been the woman I am now ~ wonderfully affirming!

There were two members of the Orchestra who I had worked with before, and another couple with whom I shared mutual friends.   Although there are a lot of us our paths cross and interconnect.

Beautiful young weightlifters showing that it is OK to be competitive, physical and feminine (and very friendly we had a lovely chat about techniques for pumping iron!).

I felt quite hurt to be dumped by somebody I haven't even met ~ only swapped a few texts with, but that is not so much the disappointment as the rejection.

Hugh Grant really is that good looking!

Everyone I met was happy, relaxed, safe, conversations were instigated stranger to stranger, everyone treated as an equal.
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