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Saturday, 7 February 2015

This and That

At the end of another ludicrously busy week I will just make a few observations, nothing Earth shattering of course and nothing too thought out.   I am simply too busy and too tired to make the effort a well crafted thought out post really requires.

Last night after going swimming with TAGS I got home and watched the opening game of this year's Six Nations Championship.   An excellent match between Wales and England, made all the better b England winning!   Sure there were a couple of refereeing errors, or at least possible different interpretations of the laws, but overall they made no difference to the final outcome of the game.   I was pleased to see England get their campaign off to a winning start, but I think that any impartial rugby fans watching would have enjoyed the match, and come to the conclusion that Northern Hemisphere Rugby has a lot to offer.   I would question some of Stuart Lancaster's replacement decisions, but it is always difficult to criticise a winning coach.

During this week we have had a lot of political activity around business, with a group of Tory supporting business leaders announcing that a Labour victory in the upcoming general election would be a "Disaster".   This is of course pure political double speak,   Which ever party wins the election (unless it is Green, or the execrable UKIP) business along with everything else will carry on as usual.   The most we can hope for in most areas is a little tinkering around the edges, as a general principle all the major parties are so keen to occupy the center ground that they are frightened to do anything that will have much of a lasting impact.

The one area where this is not the case is our membership of the EU.   If the Tories do win with a majority we can expect another referendum on our membership with many leading members of the Conservative Party campaigning for us to leave.   Now that would be a disaster for British Business.   Membership of the EU is main thing that separates the parties and should, and quite possibly will, be the main issues of this election.

I have managed to go a whole week without any performances, something my Daughter cannot boast, This week she has played at the Fairfield Hall, an LGBT History Month event given a little impromptu speech, been interviewed by the local paper and given a presentation at her college.   I am so proud of her!   She has also been asked to take part in an LGBT festival over the summer (Pride?), and a Channel 4 documentary. ~ and I though I was busy!

Now back to the worse side of reality, I have to climb up into the attic (I initially spelt attic wrong, my spell check suggested arctic instead, it feels appropriate!) and try to fix a dripping overflow.
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