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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Truth

I recently finished reading Terry Pratchett's Disk World novel, "The Truth" there is a line in it somewhere that struck me, and I have been mulling over the idea of writing a post around this quote since reading it a week or so ago.   This morning I woke up a respectable time, and decided that I was going to stay home and get a few things done; but before that I would look up the quote I wanted.   I glanced through the book, then I skimmed through it then I looked a bit harder, until in effect I had totally re-read the whole thing still without finding the line I wanted.

Very frustrated, if a little entertained, I eventually managed to make my way downstairs to get my day properly started.   I pottered around for a while washing up, doing a couple of loads of washing and generally trying to get my act together.   It was only when I sat down with a cup of coffee and started writing this post that I even thought about looking it up on-line.

The line I was interested in is "Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove" I felt that this said something about many trans people and how we dress.   I have often observed that I have to dress to assert my femininity as it is not as immediately obvious as it is with most of my cisgendered sisters.  

Although I have recently started to doubt this a little, as I am now beginning to concentrate on what type of a woman I am rather than whether I am a woman at all.   Certainly as being female has become a dwelling place rather than an excursion the height of my heels and the length of skirts have traveled in opposite directions.   I no longer feel that I have to be "obviously" feminine in order to present a feminine image to the world, as I grow in confidence I find that I don't need to try quite so hard.

Don't get me wrong, I do still like my high heels, and my glamorous dresses, it's just that I don't feel I need to wear them all the time, sometimes jeans and a sweater will do just as well.   Maybe I'm learning to glitter more authentically as I find I have less to prove.
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