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Paula's Place

Monday, 9 February 2015

A Visitor

On Saturday I had a visitor, apart from a group I host once a fortnight I don't actually get many visitors, and when I do they tend to just be to drop off an Avon order or something.   Saturday's visitor was the lovely Vanessa of Vanessa Lees Photography.   We have met a few times at events but have found it difficult to have any in depth conversation, so it was really nice to spend some time with her.   She is genuinely interested in our community and in our individual stories, and is putting together an exhibition featuring a few of us.

We spent a lot of time chatting and and then she took a few photos of me.   Stana has been running an occasional series of posts on favorite photos, where various girls send her a copy of their favorite photo and tell the story behind it.   Way back in November I was featured with what was then my favorite photo.  I think I now have a new favorite.  

I particularly like the one showing my hands on the valves of my beloved tuba.   The fact that my nail polish is a bit battered seems to me to show very much a real me rather than the more glamorous shots that we generally prefer.   Somehow this captures so much of my essence, my love of music, my instrument and at the same time my femininity.

Thank you Vanessa!
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