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Paula's Place

Friday, 27 February 2015

Star Treking

I have been enjoying the re-runs of Star Trek TNG on CBS Action.  I'm sure that as far as they are concerned it is a bit of cheap programing, but for me it is a great little trip down memory lane.   I watched these when they first came out and loved them then, and now I find that I still do.

I am amazed that there seem to be episodes that I either have forgotten or never saw.   I was even more surprised by the uniforms.  

I remembered the jump suits and the trousers, but had totally forgotten that in series one we still had the mini dresses hanging over from TOS, the big difference of course being that in TNG the men had the dresses as well.I have only found these two examples on line and I expect that the idea was dropped very nearly as quickly as they dropped the idea of a female senior officer in the Original Star Trek.   Shame if they had continued with this idea a lot of us might have been a lot happier for a lot longer.

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