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Friday, 27 February 2015


When I put together the previous post obviously I had no idea about Leonard Nimoy's imminent death.   Although I never met or knew him I was deeply saddened to hear the news.   Leonard Nimoy played quite a big part in my life, first through his role in Mission Impossible and then of course as Spook.   I have already blown my cover as a bit of a Trecker, but I think that pretty much everyone around my age will remember the wonder with which we first greeted Star Trek (TOS) and then the films.

It seems like only yesterday but of course in reality it must be the best part of 50 years ago that my brothers and I were allowed to eat our tea in front of the TV so that we could watch Star Trek. As far as I can remember this was a first in our family, and was probably only allowed due to various other issues my Mother was dealing with around that time.

I suspect that Spock will go down as one of the great TV characters, but in a way it is a shame that he will always overshadow all of Nimoy's other work.

There's no point in saying it him now, so to you all I say "Live Long and Prosper"
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