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Paula's Place

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Life's too short...................

Recently I have found that on a few occasions I have observed that life may be too short. On one occasion I found myself in a conversation about fifty shades of Grey and felt that "there are too many good books I haven't read to waste my time reading bad ones"

On another occasion that will not bear too much close scrutiny I found myself saying that life is too short to wear ugly underwear" I think the same sentiment can be applied to shoes, but simply wasn't pertinent to the occasion.

Life is certainly too short to deny yourself, to pretend to be somebody else so that other people will like you, it's just a shame that so many of us take all too long realise this.

I am working at removing negative people from my life.   While I thank God for those "Christian" brothers he sends me to allow me to practise forgiveness I am sure that life would feel so much better without them that I refuse to waste my time dwelling on their vitriol.

I also find that I have never been in so much of a rush that I needed fast food

There are many things that may appall us, but I do wonder what my readers think life is too short for, I just hope that the answer isn't commenting on my Blog.
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