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Friday, 20 February 2015

Concert Dress V

Inspired by by Hanna and her comments on what she is planning to wear at an Oscar Party this weekend, I am once again considering what to wear for my concert on Sunday.   We have our usual dress code of smart all black, as a bloke this was simple, black trousers, shoes, and shirt, if it's cold I could add a jacket.   Now it is so much more complicated.

I may wear this dress, with a satin shrug
My natural choice is to wear a dress (I will be playing trombone) but I do have a couple of pairs of dressy trousers and some nice black blouses.   I have six black dresses, and seven pairs of black shoes, I have a satin shrug, a black sparkly stowl, and a couple of smart black jackets.   I also have a nice pair of black culottes which would look great with a satin blouse.    Then we add in the issue of legs!   I like to flatter myself that I have decent legs and so I like to show them off and present them as well as I can.   This means black hosiery (shows the shape well but hides all those veins), but that still leaves the choice of sheer, or fish net, seamed or not, maybe a pattern. I have a pair of sheer black back seamed tights with a little bow feature just above the heel, another pair with a criss cross pattern, both of these are nice and might get an airing.

A while back I played for a concert performance of an opera, this was on the unusual basis of a profit share, once the venue hire, music hire, percussion hire etc. had all been paid the remaining income from ticket sales and refreshments was split among the musicians.   I think the final share was £7:70 I decided to treat myself and bought some hosiery on E-Bay, maybe if they arrive in time I'll wear these on Sunday. By the way these are not my legs!
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