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Paula's Place

Monday, 23 February 2015

A Strange Day

Sometimes it all seems to go wrong, but not necessarily for any particular reason, and I have been having one of those days.   I woke up at a sensible time and resisted the temptation to stay in bed got up made some tea and sat down at my laptop.   This was not just to waste time on FaceBook (although I have done a bit of that), no, I had a few work related e-mails to get out and a couple of things to chase up.   Then a friend popped in on the off chance that I was home, we had a coffee and a chat then I had t phone the Environment Agency.   The answers I got from them led me to search a couple of web sites and then Contact a County Council.

What had started out as a simple couple of e-mails had turned into five or six e-mails, three phone calls and amended Risk Assessment and Method Statement.   And that's how at around three O'clock this afternoon I realised that I was still in my dressing gown and PJs.   Thought I had better go and get dressed, out and doing some gardening, but before I had made it upstairs the sun had gone in and it started raining, and the rain had lumps in it!

Sometimes I wonder why I bother making plans at all!
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