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Paula's Place

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Too Much

There is so much going on to reflect on, the vicious attack in Paris, leading to equally senseless but, so far, much less fatal attacks on "People of Faith"; Tesco's finally admitting that the "Race for Space" was a mistake and are to close several of their stores; crises in the NHS; elections; arrests and all sorts of things in the news.

All of that and the main things on my mind are work, rain, and family.   Work because I can't do any today because of the rain and family, because, well, because they are family.    I seem to be subject to mood swings at the moment, yesterday was a good day, I worked mostly clearing up the last of the leaves and dead bedding, then later I spent some time with my daughter ~ a good day.   Then I wake up this morning to steady persistent rain, meaning that any prospect of outdoor work today is simply off the agenda.   Rather than rejoice at some extra time to myself I am feeling very "down" and can't help thinking about the money I won't be earning.

One of my Facebook friends reminded of this Bible verse and I am now determined that I will rejoice and be glad.   So now I am going to go upstairs, but on a smart dress and go out to the Dulwich Picture Gallery and I will enjoy myself.

If I have swings like this now, then what will I be like if I go onto HRT?
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