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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mini Skirts and High Heel Boots ~ revisited

I love these boots and have been wearing them a lot
I see that it is now exactly three years ago that I made one of my more popular posts, on my observations of Mini Skirts and High Heel Boots,   Even now it often comes near the top of viewed posts each month, mind you I think that says more about peoples Google searches than my astute fashion observations.

I can't help reflecting that back then I was mostly observing fashions rather than wearing them.   At that time it was pretty difficult for me to go out much, or indeed at all, I was limited to snatched opportunities when I would not be seen by anyone who might know me, and when family were not around.   Now that I have very few limitations beyond what is practical I find that I am now wearing what I used to enjoy looking at.

I love these boots and have been wearing them a lot
This winter I have found that I am enjoying wearing boots, and have been wearing them a lot, very often with opaque tights and mini skirts.  Often skirts that  I might be reluctant to wear with bare legs or sheer tights, somehow I would feel a little naked, yet with thick tights I feel much more covered.  

I have also got a couple of pairs of skinny jeans and some jeggings which all also look great with boots.   I now have three pairs of high boots, one pair of over the knee flat heeled black "Pirate" boots, one pair of mid heel grey slouch boots and one very nice pair of stiletto boots (which don't get worn out as much as the other two pairs).   I like the look of the combination of the boots with one of my shorter skirts (denim or tweed) and thick tights and with a nice sweater it can also be surprisingly snug and warm.

I like these boots,
but don't wear them so much
Of course there is always the inappropriate black leather mini skirt, not suitable for Tesco's but with a silk top and some sparklies will do for a little bit of glamour.   At least the fish aren't complaining!

I find that now I have a great number of pairs of boots, of all types, as well as these three pairs of higher boots I have one other pair of black leather knee boots that are absolutely lovely, but just a little to small, somehow I can't bring myself to part with them but neither can i get round to doing anything about stretching them.   I also have five pairs of ankle boots, one pair of walking boots, one pair of High Tops two pairs of work boots, and for some reason three pairs of wellington boots.
Because they were not made for walking
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