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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Every thing in the Garden is..................

Sometimes a blog can seem to take on a life of it's own, and become an all consuming monster requiring more and more illustrations, regular posts and interesting or contentious ideas to promote.   The thing is sometimes life is not like that, we just quietly get on with life but wonder what on earth we are going to write about when we sit down at the keyboard.

I seem to have hit one of those periods, there is a lot going on my life, but not necessarily stuff that interesting or that I want to share with the world in general.   The normal day to day world of being me is getting back into swing with Church groups, rehearsals, and work all re-starting after the mid winter hiatus.   I have some exciting musical events coming up and will be telling a lot more about them as they come closer.  

Work is at it's seasonal low, I have been trying hard not to get worried about how I am going to get through this month.   Every year I run out of money in January and every year God provides a way through, the last couple of years I have had to borrow from my brother, this year I told him I should be OK as I had a fair bit of work in the pipeline, only to find I have now had two jobs cancelled!   I tell myself I will trust that The Lord will provide, then today I get a phone call asking me to go and size up another job, maybe I will get through January after all!

The one thing that does not seem to be business as usual at all is what is happening in my own garden. At the moment I have both a Camelia and a Kniphofia in flower, I'm sorry but that's just wrong!   As always there is beauty in the garden, we just have to look a little bit harder at this time of year.

All photos taken in my garden today!
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