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Monday, 12 January 2015

Potty Mouth

It is no coincidence that in the world of Trans Blogs you will see a lot more written about toilets, restrooms, bathrooms, conveniences or whatever else you want to call them on American sites than on British ones.   Here in the UK we do not have laws governing the use of toilets, but we do have laws that do not allow Trans People to be discriminated against. OK so not everybody gets what this means, but it does mean that very rarely will there be any question as to which facilities to use.

When I first started going out in public I was reluctant to use the ladies', being quite aware that I do not (or certainly did not) pass I was reluctant to be the cause of any embarrassment, mine or anyone else's.   Equally there was absolutely no way that I would be using the Gents wearing a dress and heels, so after a while I realised that if I were going to be out then I would have to either hold it for several hours or accept the inevitable and enter the hallowed inner sanctum of the ladies.   In all that time the only incidents I have experienced have been positive ones, and now I am virtually full time I no longer even think about it.

As I say virtually full time, I do now have a timetable but I fear there still are, and may well be for a while, occassions when I still have to pretend too be a man, on those occasions I do have to be careful to go into the correct room, a couple of times when I have been out with my daughter somewhere that I normally go to authentically I have had to check myself and make sure I use the correct facilities.   The other day was one of those occasions when I did have to cross dress as a man, and sure enough there came a point when I needed to go, so I entered the Gents and was just overcome with a sense of revulsion about using a urinal.   It wasn't a particularly bad Gents, I've certainly used worse in the past, but from now on I think that if I do need to use a Gents then it will be in a cubicle.

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