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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Please Remember (to get it right!)

I had a funny old weekend, which involved a very late night on Saturday and what was essentially a duvet day on Sunday as I went into recovery mode.   Having teased you with that I am no going into any details, sufficient is said by "I think I enjoyed myself".

Our local free newspaper the Croydon Guardian did a little piece on our TDOR event in Croydon

It was nice to be noticed, but I would have been so much happier if they had made the effort to check their facts before going into print.   Now I am going to have to write to the editor to try for a correction.  Half of this comes from laziness of thinking, and assuming that because we use the LGBT shorthand it is all about sexual orientation.   The other half comes from lack of concern,, quite clearly insufficient effort was made too understand the press release, and they simply didn't bother to assign a reporter.   We did get a photographer who came along, but had to rush off to a Rugby match before we started the ceremony, but no reporter.   If they had sent a reporter then it would have been obvious why the photo shows Roger and me, Roger did most of the organisation (well pretty much all too be honest) on behalf of Aurora (he is secretary) and I lead the event on behalf of TransPALS.

When I first heard that we had managed to get a follow up piece I was really pleased, but as soon as I read that first paragraph I was deflated.   It is hard enough to get people to understand without these casual mistakes being made by the press.
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