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Paula's Place

Friday, 28 November 2014

It's nice to feel needed

I had been looking forward to a night off last night, I have been so silly busy since getting back from holiday I have had something on pretty much every night.   I did have tuesday evening to myself, but that meant laundry, washing up etc.etc.   So I had an evening of pizza wine and a film planed, untill I got a call from my wife.

Her car was playing up, could I help? the immediate problem was just a flat battery so we managed to get it charged up, then the car wouldn't start and the battery went flat again, so charge the battery again and try again with the aid of a jump.   We got the car started and all seemed well.  I have now had another call that although it has started it is not running well, could I take another look.

I quite like tinkering with cars so this is no problem, and I am more than happy to help.   Indeed it is nice to know that my wife still feels free t call on me, I ust hope that I can find and fix whatever is wrong.

As an aside I try to avoid inflicting my feminine side on my family but it wasn't until I got there that I realised I had burgundy nail polish on
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