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Sunday, 28 December 2014

F@#$ Book

I have been quite restrained for a while, but it has to burst out, and it is now going to burst!

It may not surprise you to hear that I have two Facebook accounts, shh don't tell FB but one of them is not in my (current) legal name. I know this breaks their rules, but you may be able to guess just how little sleep I lose over that.   It is quite popular to rant about these big organisations and criticize their stupid policies, but on the whole I accept that as big stupid American organisations they will do stupid things every now and then, after all why should they be different to the rest of us.   I like Facebook, I enjoy the things my friends share with me, it helps to keep me in touch with friends I can't often see, indeed I can waste a lot, and I mean a lot, of time there.

I have a lot FB friends, some on one account some on the other, and another group again that are friends on both accounts.   What I don't understand is why I see posts from this last group on one account and not on the other?   How do FB choose what I see from which friends, shouldn't that be my choice?   I feel slightly worried that when I close down one of the accounts (again I'll let you guess which one that will be)  will there then be things from friends that I won't see at all.

They have come up with this wonderful platform but if I can't see what my friends are saying it does rather seem to fail in it's principle purpose.
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