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Paula's Place

Friday, 26 December 2014

It's that time of year

I've done pretty well in the run up to Christmas, I did manage to achieve my self imposed goal of a post every day of Advent, even if I did start a little late and had to catch up.   I have thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas celebrations, I have spent time with friends and family mostly as Paula, but some (mostly at my Church) in Bob mode, but I suspect that all of my friends would be as accepting and supportive as those I am out to if they fully knew.

We now enter in to that strange time of year when everything becomes a little odd, neither one thing nor the other; it is no longer Christmas, but not yet the new year, not really a holiday but not worth going to work.   For me it is a time for two things, reflection and visiting Family.   So I will be visiting family over the next couple of days, going into dark recesses of the past where the internet does not exist (Cardiff) but I will also be considering the last year and the next.

Doing this my first thought is to be reminded of the old joke, "What is the difference between a cross dresser and a transexual" "Two years!"    Last Christmas I was just beginning to come out to my friends, now I am spending more of my time fem than Bob, and feel that it is the time spent in drab that is unauthentic.   I don't know what 2015 will hold but I am sure that I have a lot more adventure still to have.
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