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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Advent Calendar ~ 20

Being something of a musician I have been playing quite a few Christmas themed performances over the last month or so.   There does seem to be something of an affinity between brass instruments and Christmas music.   So far I have played with (in no particular order) the All Saints Concert Band, the Bigging Hill Concert Band, the Lambeth Wind Orchestra, the Croydon Symphonic Band and musicians from my Church.    Due to the level of my commitments I have also had t turn down performances with the Bromley Wind Band, the London Gay Symphony Orchestra and a couple of others,

Of course there are a lot of carols that get played, there are also a lot, and I mean a lot, of  arrangements of Christmas songs, usually made into medleys with silly names like "In the Christmas Mood" "Cowboy Christmas" or my personaly bette noir "A Most Wonderful Christmas".   Then there are the well loved original seasonal favorites like Leroy Anderson's Christmas Festival and Sleigh Ride.

I only played Christmas Festival once this year, in November! however I have so far played Sleigh Ride nine times! and three of those times were in the same performance!

Nice sleigh, but no reindeer!

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