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Paula's Place

Friday, 19 December 2014

Advent Calendar ~ 19

What's behind the door today? Well there are two answers to that question and the first answer is a picture of a rather boring anonymous door on the Fulham Palace Road.   However as se of you may realise this is not just a randomly selected picture of a door on the Fulham Palace Road, it is the entrance to the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic (GIC)

Advent is a time of looking forward, looking forward to Christmas, to the arrival of the Messiah, to things getting better.   For me Christmas is the time when things start to get better.   They start to get better because I know January will be dryer than December so I will be able to get more work done, better because the days start to get longer, better because I can now start to look forward to and plan for spring, and maybe more to the point better because the Christ has arrived, and we can look forward to Easter.

Now I have a little more to look forward to, and another reason why after Christmas I can anticipate things getting better.   At last I have heard from the GIC, I have had my first correspondence and have sent back all the registration forms, so now I can look forward to hearing from them in the new year about a first appointment.   I can look forward, but I won;t be holding my breath!
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