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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dinner Decisions

I have just been watching Saturday Kitchen on BBC2 hoping to get some inspiration for the meals I'll be cooking over the next couple of weeks.   In particular I have a particular friend coming to dinner on Tuesday.   When I say she is particular I mean that she is special to me (we have been friends for more years than either of us would be happy to admit) and also that she has to be particular about what she can eat.   I should stress not from choice but from necessity, being both lactose and gluten intolerant can be quite limiting on diet.   I should be used to all this as my daughter is also lactose and gluten intolerant, but she is even worse to cater for as she is also vegetarian, but I am still having a lot of difficulty trying to decide what to cook.

Trying hard to not look like trying
I want to stress that this is not because my friend is a problem, rather it is a reflection of my repertoire as a cook, it seems that every time I think of something I find that it will include double cream, butter, croutons, flour, or something that could upset my friends digestion.   Maybe I should stop thinking about trying to show off my culinary skills and embrace the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).   Now all I need to decide is what simple dish I am going to not be showing off with.

The other decision is the perennial T-Girl issue of what to wear, my friend is one of those really annoying women you come across every now and then who is naturally elegant whatever she wears.   I am sure that you all know one of these women, they never seem to make much apparent effort, I don't understand it but these girls can just put on a pair of jeans and a sweater and look great, while the rest of us spend ages glamourising ourselves and putting on our best clothes, just so as not to frighten the horses.   I did think about one of the other two dresses, but maybe that would be trying too hard.
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