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Paula's Place

Monday, 10 November 2014

Holiday ~ Looking back III, Pastizzi for Breakfast.

Saturday dawned early, around an hour earlier than my body was really expecting it as their clocks are an hour ahead of ours.   Having said that I had enjoyed a decent night's sleep and was already benefiting from being away, so I got up and went for a walk to get breakfast.   I don't know if it is a big thing in Malta but whenever I visit I always like to have Pastizzi for breakfast.

Pastizzi are the traditional Maltese street food.   Sold from small shops or booths around the islands alongside pizza, pies, and pasties a real mixture of the Mediterranean and British cultures that show everywhere from the architecture, the food and even the language.  English is still a joint national language alongside Maltese, until just a few years ago speaking Maltese in public was seen to be a bit uncouth, and something the aspiring middle classes would never do, now I find I am hearing more and more as the Maltese reassert there own identity.

Saturday was a lovely day so we had a walk around and spent a little time by the pool, generally being lazy and just enjoying the locality, and other local specialities.

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