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Paula's Place

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Holiday ~ Looking back II, a room with a view

I had pre warned the "Hotel" where we had our apartment that despite my official paperwork I would be travelling in the name of Paula so it was no surprise to them when I checked in, and no surprise that they took it in their stride.   The paperwork was quickly processed and we went straight up to the apartment.   These apartments sleep four, there is a bedroom with twin beds, a bathroom, a galley kitchen and a lounge/dining room with a fold down double bed.

The view from our balcony
We shared the bedroom but it soon became clear that I was going to dominate this room, with two jackets, three dresses a couple of pairs of trousers and some tops I used the lion's share bit of the hanging space and my pots, potions, smellies, make up and bling took up nearly all of the surface of the dressing table, while Bob more or less lived out of his (rather capacious) suitcase.

At this point we were planning to eat out each night so we only had a very little shopping to do, just the essentials, milk, tea, coffee, beer, and wine.   After laying in these supplies we were ready for our diner and popped out to La Stalla, a local restaurant where we enjoyed a nice meal with a decent bottle of local wine.   When I first visited Malta back in the 1980s the wine left much to be desired, things like subtlety, taste, and smoothness, in those days the local wine had colour and alcohol,  these days either they are a whole lot better (while still pretty cheap) or my palate is shot to pieces.

We decided that we would return to the apartment for coffee on our balcony, and ended up staying up longer than we had planned talking long into the night.
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