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Paula's Place

Monday, 10 November 2014


Just to break into all these wonderful frothy holiday memories, I want to have a quick rant.   I have only been back from holiday a couple of hours and already I'm exasperated with London drivers.   I can deal with nasty aggressive little s*%#s who barge into the front of queues or pimply oiks who carve me up.   I know that they only do this because they feel that certain parts of their anatomy are too small, and I suspect that they are right.

It is the total inconsiderate nature of some drivers, whether double parking their Chelsea Tractor to drop Damian or Samantha off at school or the idiot who decides that the A23 is a good pace to do a three point turn. I am staggered that I don't see more accidents, it can only be the alertness and the avoiding actions from the rest of us that stop the whole system gumming up to a total stand still.

If it was not so expensive I would star carrying copies of the "Highway Code" around with me to hand out in the hope that I might be able to show these selvish wastes of skin the error of their ways.   How did these people ever pass a driving test?

OK Rant over back to holiday snaps tomorrow.
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