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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Holiday ~ Looking back IV, Lazy Sunday

I'm beginning to think that maybe I should have made some notes while I was away so that I could make my account a little more accurate, but hey if I make a couple of little errors there are only two of us who will know, and the overall story won't be so different.

So if I remember correctly Sunday wasn't quite such a nice day weather wise, temperatures only in the low 20sC, none the less we had a swim and a nice relaxed day.   The sight seeing we were planing involved churches so it seemed best to leave that for another day.

To be perfectly honest I can'r remember that much about the day but since this photo was taken then we must have spent at least some time drinking coffee on the balcony.   I do know that that evening we had a nice dinner of some traditional Maltese dishes, I stuck with fish as I love fish but don't eat nearly as much as I would like to at home.

It was also around Sunday that I realised that we were starting to fall into the stereotypical gender roles, some of which (like being bought dinner and not having too carry the shopping) I was quite happy with.   However it was a little disconcerting that waiters automatically assumed that Bob would choose and check the wine, as well as be given the bill.
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