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Friday, 17 October 2014

Quote of the Day

Gratuitous picture of Jessica Rabbit
It's not often that you will find me quoting the Chief Economist of the Bank of England on this blog, but listening to the radio this morning I heard him talking about the economy and use the phrase "writhing in both agony and ecstasy" and I just couldn't help but think "I used to know a girl like that"

I have just got home from having my hair done for the first time for a good few months, it had got very shaggy and just a bit scruffy, indeed I was beginning to emulate the typical mad scientist, hopefully not an evil mad scientist (BWAHAHAHA) but it had got well past being a good look.   I am very happy with the result, just not quite so much with the cost, a reminder why I don't do this very often.   I want to look my best this evening as I am going out to dinner with an old friend.   An old friend who has not yet met Paula so I don't want to frighten her, especially since she has been going through a pretty rough time recently.

I am looking forward to catching up and spending some time with her, at one time we used to see a lot of each other, then drifted apart, married, had families and now both find ourselves on our own again, time for gin and sympathy. I should stress that this is not the girl I referred to in the first paragraph!
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