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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Trick? Treat?

As October blooms into fruition many cross dressers find themselves fixating on the opportunities that are offered by the final day of the month.   The whole fancy dress Halloween thing is a lot bigger in America than it is over here, I'm not entirely sure where the traditions come from (although I suspect Ireland has a lot to answer for) but it is clearly a very big deal on the other side of the pond.

Looking on the good old interweb there is all sorts of stuff on how to spend money at this time of year, there is also an almost inexhaustible supply of Christian, reaction, advice and response to Halloween, some seeing it as a bit of harmless fun, others a direct link with the Occult, and then just about everything in between.   I don't think I am going to add much other than to say that it is something I am personally uncomfortable about, and a large part of that discomfort comes from my Christian beliefs.

Being both a Christian and English I choose not celebrate Halloween, but being trans I do understand the attraction of a free pass to go out in public cross dressed, without worrying what others may think, so I do find myself slightly conflicted.   There were occasions when I have been tempted to make the most of this opportunity myself and don a (fem) fancy dress costume for the day, so I fully understand the temptation, and for those who view this day simply as a cultural celebration of Autumn who will enjoy dressing up and expressing a side of themselves that they feel they cannot any other day of the year ~ I do hope you enjoy it.

Now that I no longer feel as though I am in costume when I go out, I rather fancy the idea of doing fancy dress, I would love to dress up as a pantomime leading boy, or something even more outrageous like Jessica Rabbit, but now that I can I don't have the chance.   It is now several years since I last went to a fancy dress party and on that occasion I went as Roger Rabbit, I suspect that I would now be a bit more adventurous.

However tempted (or not) I might be to join in with the Halloween dressing up extravaganza, that is the day when I will be flying out to Malta, and even though I have yet to decide what I will be wearing, it will not be fancy dress, just me quite possibly in a dress.
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